Arctic Moss
Fetid Black Slime
Red Trafel Mushroom
Bite of Ochre-Colored Fungus
Flathead Mushroom
Red Vornalite Mushroom
Black Hook Mushroom
Genkew Mushroom
Shadowlace Moss
Black Trafel Mushroom
Giant Glowing Toadstool
Soft White Mushroom
Blackened Moss
Glowing Green Lichen
Sponge Mushroom
Blue Moss
Golden Hook Mushroom
Spotted Heart Mushroom
Blue Trafel Mushroom
Large Black Toadstool
Striped Heart Mushroom
Bolmara Lichen
Luminescent Green Fungus
Trollfear Mushroom
Bone Mushroom
Mass of Congealed Slime
White Hook Mushroom
Cave Moss
Withered Black Mushroom
Daggerstalk Mushroom
Red Lichen

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