Alpine Violet
Sprig of Foxglove
Azure Iceblossom
Nightbloom Blossom
Sprig of Hellebore
Nightshade Berry
Sprig of Imaera's Lace
Blaestonberry Blossom
Orange Tiger Lily
Sprig of Jasmine
Bleeding Heart Rose
Oxblood Lily
Sprig of Larkspur
Bougainvillea Blossom
Pale Yellow Daffodil
Sprig of Lavender
Calamintha Blossom
Sprig of Mournbloom
Calmintha Flower
Sprig of Wild Lilac
Clover Blossom
Sprig of Wild Phlox
Cluster of Butterflyweed
Stalk of Bluebells
Crimson Dragonstalk
Stalk of Goldenrod
Elanthian Snow Rose
Purple Crocus
Stalk of Monkeyflower
Fairy Primrose
Rain Lily
Stalk of Tuberose
Flaming Violet
Rotting Bile Green Fleshbulb
Stargazer Lily
Fragrant White Lily
Slime-covered Grave Blossom
Stem of Freesia Flowers
Golden Aster
Small Anemone
Stem of Verbena
Golden Buttercup
Small Carnation
Sunburst Blossom
Heath Aster
Small Daisy
Twisted Black Mawflower
Small Dandelion
Vermillion Fire Lily
Honeysuckle Vine
Small Rose
Water Lily
Hosta Flower
Small Swamp Rose
Wavepetal Blossom
Small Violet
White Alligator Lily
Ice Tulip
Small Wild Rose
White Spider Lily
Iris Blossom
Snapdragon Stalk
Wild Orchid
Lady Slipper Blossom
Wild Pansy Blossom
Large Sunflower
Snow Lily
Wild Pink Geranium
Large White Gardenia
Snow Pansy
Wild Tulip
Luckbloom Blossom
Sprig of Amaranth
Winter Rose
Mezereon Bark
Sprig of Bleeding-Heart
Withered Deathblossom
Sprig of Clematis
Wolfsbane Root
Moonlight Cactus-bloom
Sprig of Columbine
Wood Violet
Mountain Dryan
Sprig of Edelweiss

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